October 3, 2021 || 1:50 pm

Manchester United vs. Everton: Cristiano Ronaldo is named on the substitutes’ bench as Andros Townsend goal grabs draw

(CNN)This time there w’as no late intervention from Cristiano Ronaldo as Manchester United drew 1-1 with Evert’on at Old Trafford.

In midweek, Ro’naldo scor’ed a dramatic 95th-min’ute goal to secure a 2-1 win over Villa’rreal in the Champions League, but he was unable to turn Satu’rday’s game in Un’ited’s favou’r.

Anthony Martial’s power’ful shot gave United the lead jus_t before the inte’rval, though Evert’on were well worth the dr_aw.

Ron’aldo came on just bef’ore the hour mark but wi’thin min’utes of his arrival all he could do was watc’h as E’verton equali’zed with Andros Tow’nsend firing past David de Gea after a counterattacking move invol’ving Dem’arai Gray and Abdoulaye Doucouré.’

Everton might have eve’n sna’tched all 3 points follow’ing a corner, but Yerry Mina’s goal was ruled out for offside followi’ng a VAR rev”iew.

Siuuuu’ celebration


.After scoring his fif’th goal in 9 appearances for Everton, Towns’end celebrated by mi’micking Ron’a’ldo’s trademark “Siuuuu” celeb’ration.

“Not imitati’_ng, it’s just a m’ark of respect to a guy who influenced my career,” Townsend told BT Sport.

“I spent ma’ny hou’rs on the traini’ng pitch and’ in the vid’eo room trying to analyse his free-kicks and his stepove’rs and the way he dedicate’d hi’mself to football.

“So it wasn’t an imitati’on it was a mark of respect to 1′ of my id’ols. I probably didn’t do the celebr’ation justice and didn’t exec’ute it pro’perly.”

The draw m’eans Ole Gun’nar Solskjaer’s side have managed to win just two of their last 6 games in all compe’titions.

“We star’ted well and scor’ed a fanta’stic goal. In the seco’nd half we lacked a cutti’n’g edge to get a second. From our cor’ner we concede five seconds lat’er, which is too much to have,” Sols’kjaer told BT Sport.

“We had enough players be’hind the ball, but did not deal’ with things. We didn’t regro&up and reorganise well eno”ugh.”

Everton were miss’ing a number of key players through injury — notably strikers Richa’rlison and Dominic Cavert-Lew’in — and the Merseyside club’s man”ager Rafa Benitez said the draw felt “mentally like a victory.”

“To come here and perf’orm in the way we did, we were rea’lly close,” Benitez told BT Sport. “You have to be really proud of the play’ers.

We were doing we’ll, it’s a pity we conceded as we were wor’king really hard. In the seco’nd half we reacted well and had ch’ances to win the game.

“Andros [Townsen’d] is doi’ng well, but the team has won, not just one player doing well, an&d he was fantastic. The rest of the team’ worked ha’rd with a fant’astic perfor’mance.”

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