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Manchester United vs West ham football match highlight

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Manchester United versus West ham football match highlight…



Manchester United beat West Ham United 2-1 in the English Premier League on Sunday. Cristiano Ronaldo scored the goal.

The next match is in a different tournament but the opponent is the same; Ole Gunar Sulshar was so relieved to understand!


The Manchester United coach kept Cristiano Ronaldo out of the squad against West Ham in the League Cup. Resting him, Sulshar said, “It’s impossible for him to play as much as he wants.”

Sulshah may think twice before making such a decision. West Ham took revenge by beating Manchester United 1-0 at home with 11 changes in the XI.



As well as rising to the last 16, David Moyes’ team also gave United a farewell ticket. West Ham coach Moyes saw his first win against United in his ninth attempt after being sacked from Old Trafford.


Attacking midfielder Manuel Lanzini scored the first goal for West Ham from a pass from Ryan Fredericks. Anthony Marshall, Jadon Sancho and Jesse Lingard’s attacking part of the match could not score a single goal in the 9th minute.

Ronaldo scored the first goal against West Ham in the previous match. The Portuguese star has scored four goals in three games since returning to Manchester United.


United could not make 27 attempts to score. Mason Greenwood in the 72nd minute and Bruno Fernandez in the 72nd minute, Sulshar explained that it was wrong to make so many changes in the XI.

The Portuguese midfielder tried his best but could not open the door for West Ham. West Hum wasted 3 chances in the last 5 minutes of the match.


Sulshar is looking for his first title as Manchester United coach in three years. “We played well for a long time after they scored a goal,” said Sulshar after another chance was missed. I tried to score, although the statistics don’t mean anything, but taking 26 shots means the boys have tried. ‘


In the last 16, Manchester City will face West Ham, the first team to win at Old Trafford since 2007. Chelsea have reached the last 16 after beating Aston Villa 4-3 in a tiebreaker. The match was a 1-1 draw until the scheduled time. Chelsea’s opponent in the last sixteen is Southampton.


Tottenham Hotspur also won the tiebreaker. Tottenham drew 2-2 after taking a 2-0 lead in the match against Wolverhampton Wanderers. The team will face Burnley in the last 16 after winning the tiebreaker 3-2. Arsenal also saw the last 16 by beating Wimbledon 3-0. Mikel Arteta’s side will face Leeds United there.

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