June 29, 2021 || 9:12 pm

Mbappe is burning with the pain of missing the penalty

The emperor of today, he will beg tomorrow! ‘

Let’s see mbappe penalty miss..


Rebel poet Kazi Nazrul Islam’s famous line goes well with the French national team. The reigning world champions, who were considered to be the biggest favorites in the Euros this year, lost to Switzerland in the second round. And that has also been confirmed by arguably the biggest star of the team missed a penalty.


Speaking of Killian Mbappe. A penalty shootout was called to settle the match which ended in a 3-3 draw after extra time. Five from Switzerland and four from France also scored well. But in the case of MBAP, the fate was hindered. Borussia Mেনnchengladbach goalkeeper Ian Som blocked Mbappe’s shot. And it became clear that the title is far from winning, France is not rising in the quarter. The disciples of the country bowed their heads and said goodbye.


The matter is burning Mbappe. Frustration erupted from his voice, ‘I’m sorry for missing the penalty. I wanted to help the team, but in the end couldn’t. It’s hard to be thoughtless in this situation, but unfortunately it’s a bad side of the game. Fans will naturally be very disappointed, I am also disappointed.


However disappointed, the PSG forward did not forget to thank the supporters, ‘but I want to thank you for supporting us in any situation. To believe in us. ‘

Mbappe is also getting the support of coach Didier Desam at a bad time. “No one is angry with Mbappe,” the coach said. This can happen when you go to work with a responsibility. The whole thing has affected him a lot.

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