August 13, 2021 || 3:36 pm

Messi felt like his first practice in PSG

The scene was not even in the farthest imagination of the Barcelona-supporters. Lionel Messi is practicing on another field, for another club; It is impossible for them to tolerate anything like that. But what a surprise! The past of imagination is now real. Barcelona fans are also tolerating the scene. In fact, there is no such thing as ‘impossible’ in the world.

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Messi practiced for the first time in PSG yesterday. Neymar, Sergio Ramos, Mbappe, Anhel de Mariara have adopted him from day one. Not only was Messi serious in practice, but the Argentine star was also trying to establish an ‘initial image’ in his new workplace. New clubs, new fields, new environments; It should be difficult to adapt. Whether he thought about it, Messi appeared at the PSG practice two hours ago yesterday.


Messi himself has said that his alliance with Mbappe-Neymar in the PSG is a kind of ‘crazy’ game. PSG seems to have set up stalls for the ‘crazy’ business.


Sergio Ramos and Messi are playing together, in a team — the scene the football world will see one day, thought! This is what Ramos-Messi faced last season in La Liga for two arch-rivals Real Madrid and Barcelona. Ramos is keeping an eye on Messi so that he can’t break the defense in any way.


The Spanish star did not show any deficiency in trying to stop Messi even if he went a little crooked way if not in football style. There is no telling how much dilemma between Real and Bar্সa that Messi has with Ramos. Both of them have left their club this time. The paths of the two have merged in the same estuary.


The address of the two is now the same. Jim welcomed Ramos Messi to PSG practice. As soon as Messi entered the gym, Ramos ran and hugged Messi. Who knows, Ramos may become the closest person to Messi at the PSG, the closest person to Messi, the closest person!


Messi met with almost all his teammates one by one at the PSG training center. Joined hands. He also spends some time with the coaching staff. Understand everything — PSG’s practice policy, strategy — all these. Mauricio Pachettino, the technical director and coach, is from his country.


So the chemistry is good. Messi also spoke with him. He also chatted with compatriots Anhel Di Maria, Leandro Pardes and Mauro Icardi. Dear friend Neymar was not left out either. If you do not chat with him or not!

In short, Messi had a great day in the practice of PSG. PSG will face Strasbourg in the French League match on Sunday.

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