June 12, 2021 || 9:03 am

Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar: The 50 best footballers have been named and ranked. Above them who is the best footballer

Who’s is the best footballer in the world?


For the best part of a dec’ade, the answ’er to that quest’ion was either Leo Messi or Crist’iano Ronaldo.


The super’star pair have domi’nated the sport’s mod’ern era, winn’ing a combin’ed total of 11 Ballon d’Or awards (Lionel Messi 6, Ronaldo 5).


However, both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are now well into their 30s and as such, their places at the very top of p’layer ranki”ngs are now under thr’eat – des’pite the fact they’re both still drop’ping world-class performa’nces at the very hig’hest level on a regular basis.

4 4 2 have named who they beli’eve are the 50 best footb’allers on the planet right now and neither Messi or Ronaldo sit top of the pile.


Let’s take a look at who takes spot instead…


50. Zlatan Ibrah’imovic (AC Milan)

49. John Stones (Man’chester City)

48. Ma’rco Verratti (P’aris Saint-Germain)

47. Sadio Mane (Liver’pool)

46. Toni Kro’os (Real M’adrid)

45. Jac’k Greali’sh (Ast’on Villa)

44. Marqu’inhos (Paris Sai’nt-Germ’ain)

43. Ser’gio Ramos (Real Ma’drid)

42. Ac’hraf Hak’imi (Inter Milan)

41. Pau’l Pogba (Manch’ester United)

40. Ma’son Mount (Che’lsea)

39. Luka Mod’ric (Real Mad’rid)

38. Fren’kie de Jong (Barce’lona)


37. Thi’baut Courtois (Real M’adrid)

36. Raphael Vara’ne (Real Ma’drid)

35. Ant’oine Griez’mann (Barce’lona)

34. Andr’ew Robe’rtson (Liver’pool)

33. Ma’rcus Rashford (Manc”hester United)

32. Rah’eem Sterl’ing (Manc’hester City)

31. Trent Alexa’nder-Arnold (Liver’pool)

30. Phil Fod’en (Manc’hester )

29. Alpho’nso Davies (Bay’ern Mun’ich)

28. Bern’ardo Silva (Manc’hester City)

27. N’Golo Kante (Chel’sea)

26. Vir’gil van Dijk (Liverp’ool)

25. Heu’ng-min Son (Totten’ham)

24. Ser’ge Gnab’ry (Ba’yern M’unich)

23. Ma’nuel Ne’uer (Bay’ern Mun’ich)

22. Jo’ao Can’celo (Manch’ester City)

21. Eder’son (Manche’ster City)

20. Ilkay Gund’ogan (Manc’hester City)

19. Jado’n San’cho (Borus’sia Dortmu’nd)

18. Ruben Dias (Manchester City)

17. Riyad Mah’rez (Manc’hester City)

16. Leon Gore’tzka (Bay’ern Munich)

15. Kar’im Benze’ma (Real Madr’id)

14. Moham’ed Sala’h (Liver’pool)

13. Joshua Kim’mich (Bay’ern Munich)

12. Jan Ob’lak (Atletico Madr’id)

11. Thom’as Muller (Baye’rn Munich)

10. Cristia’no Ronaldo (Juv’entus)

9. Rom’elu Luka’ku (Inter Mil’an)

8. Brun’o Fernan’des (Manc’hester United)

7. Erli’ng Haaland (Bor’ussia Dortmund)

6. Harry Ka’ne (Totte’nham)

5. Kylia’n Mbap’pe (Paris’ Saint-Germain)

4. Neym’ar (Paris Saint-Germ’ain)

3. Rob’ert Lewan’dowski (Bay’ern Munich)

2. Lio’nel Messi (Barce’lona)

1. Kevin De Bruyne (Manches’ter City)’

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