September 10, 2021 || 7:59 am

Messi surpassed Pele

Lionel Messi led the team with a great goal at the beginning of the match against Bolivia. Later at the beginning of the second half he did another. At the same time, the Argentine captain set a new record for the highest goal in Latin America, surpassing Pele.


Messi touched Pele with a powerful shot from about 20 yards out in the 14th minute of the World Cup qualifier that started on Friday morning at the Stadio Monumental Bangladesh time. And in the 64th minute, he left the legend by taking the ball with Lautaro Martinez.


The Argentine captain scored 6 goals for the national team. He set a record of playing 92 matches in his 1958-61 career as the only footballer to win three World Cups. It took Messi 153 matches to break the record.



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