March 25, 2021 || 6:50 am

Messi will not get a better club than Barcelona!

The Spanish club Barcelona has been in turmoil since the beginning of this season.


Club captain Lionel Messi has not yet renewed his contract. That means he can move to another club in the new season if he wants to, again without a transfer fee.


Barcelona’s new president Juan Laporta has said that one of his main tasks will be to keep Messi in the team.


However, there has been virtually no positive news from Barcelona or Messi.


In the midst of this uncertainty, Eric Abidal, the former sporting director of Barcelona and a former teammate of Messi, gave birth to a new discussion.


According to him, wherever Messi leaves Barcelona, ​​it will not be a good thing for him.

However, Abidal is in favor of giving Messi full freedom in deciding whether to stay at the club or leave.

And so the former Barcelona center-back is waiting for Messi’s final decision.


Asked about Messi’s plans, Abidal told The Telegraph: “In my opinion, if we talk about performance, Messi is the best player of all time and he has played in Barcelona all his career.


That’s why it’s important for him to be here, because he’s the key player in the team. ”



However, Abidal said there were other things that would work in the decision-making process, adding: “Messi’s decision will depend on the squad, the club’s new project, the board’s new plans and the coaches’ goals. And finally, if he feels comfortable here.



Abidal added: “Even if you think in terms of publicity, Messi gives you a lot. He is an incredible asset.


But the decision will be entirely his and after spending so many years in a club, this decision will not be easy at all. Sometimes maybe you want something different. But will Messi get anything better than Barcelona? I don’t know. “

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