March 18, 2021 || 2:32 pm

“Messi, you know you can’t leave Barca.”


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Juan Laporta was saved at the last time.

According to Barcelona rules, 15 percent of next season’s budget must be secured to decorate the presidential seat.

After confirming that on the last day, Laporto was sworn in as the president of Barcelona yesterday.

Lionel Messi was present at the swearing-in ceremony of the politicians in Spanish.

The new president of Barca pulled the Argentine star to his chest.


He also said in his speech that he was emotional about Messi.

Laporta has previously held the post of Bara president.

He left the post in 2010. Messi and Laporta were part of Barca’s golden age in the first decade of the 21st century.

The 58-year-old embraced Messi before speaking as the new president.



The Catalan club is having a rough time with Messi at the moment.

He will expire at the end of this season. If the contract is not renewed, the Argentine forward will be able to join any club as a free agent at the end of the season.

Messi has not yet opened his mouth about not renewing his contract with Bara.

Meanwhile, Laporta is desperate to hold Messi.

Laporto did not hesitate to express that desire in his first speech as president in his second term.


Messi was a big part of the Barą¦¾a president’s speech.

The best player in Barca’s history was with us in the first term.

We succeeded in maintaining solidarity. Only the unity of Barca can bring this unity and I invite everyone to think about it.


I’m here to make a decision, like trying to keep Leo.


One advantage is that he is still there (at Barca) and he knows it himself.

(Messi) You know how much I love you.


We will do our best to keep you here.

Leo, you know Barca can’t leave. We will try to hold on.

We love you, Barcelona loves you too.

If this stadium (Camp Nou) was full to the brim, you wouldn’t want to go. ‘



Listen to Laporta’s speech loving Messi:

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