March 24, 2021 || 12:40 pm

New precedent in Barcelona jersey, Messi is the best of the best, surpassing the legend Xavi

Lionel Messi holds the new record in the Barcelona jersey. Exceeded the glorious example of former teammate and legend Xavier.


On the same day, LM Ten played a big role in the big defeat of Real Sociedad in the important match of La Liga.


Football fans were fascinated by the magic of his feet. Find out the history of Messi’s new record.


Messi’s match for Barcelona:

Lionel Messi has played 6 matches for Barcelona in various club tournaments. Which is the highest in terms of the club concerned.



In other words, no other footballer has been seen playing so many matches for Barca before. As a result, this example added new feathers to Messi’s crown.


Xavi went overboard
Legend Xavi has previously held the record for most appearances for Barcelona.


The former Spain midfielder played 767 matches for the club concerned. Lionel Messi broke that record.


Messi in La Liga
Lionel Messi has played 511 matches for Barcelona in La Liga so far. Xavi is ahead of LM Ten in that statistic.


The legendary midfielder has played 550 matches in La Liga for Barca.


Messi’s other matches for Bar বারa
Lionel Messi, who has played for Barcelona for 17 years, has so far played 149 matches in the Champions League for the club.


LM Ten has played 69 Copa del Rey matches for Barca. Messi, who has played 20 matches in the Spanish Super Cup, has played five and four matches in the Club World Cup and the European Super Cup, respectively.

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