May 3, 2021 || 8:52 am

Neymar is willing to die to win the own team

PSG is still dreaming of winning the treble this season. After a long time in the league, a fierce battle is going on. PSG is one point behind in two.

Neymar has reached the semi-finals of the French Cup and Champions League. But PSG’s dream of winning the treble may end this week.

The French champions will play Manchester City in the second leg of the semi-final on Tuesday.

If you don’t win by two goals from the opponent’s field on that day, you will have to say goodbye to the best tournament in Europe.


The fans were disappointed to see Neymar play in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final.

In the first leg, PSG lost 2-1 at home to City. Neymar’s game throughout the match raised questions.

In the second leg at City. Pep Guardiola’s team is in great form. But PSG forward Neymar is not willing to lose before the loss.

The Brazilian is also willing to die on the field if the team needs him.


Neymar has been criticized for his performance in the first leg. However, he is not facing these criticisms at all.

Neymar’s full attention is now on the second leg game. “Our first task will be to rest and then really focus on the Champions League,” he told PSG’s media channel after the team’s win over Lance yesterday.


Neymar has said before that the first match of the Champions League semi-final was not easy. “We lost a fight,” Neymar wrote on Twitter at the end of the match.

But our war is not over yet. I believe we can play better than we did. ‘

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