September 10, 2021 || 6:13 pm

Neymar-Ribeiro’s goal helped Brazil win

Although many clubs do not have a number of first-choice players without players, Brazil is still in Jayarathi. Neymar and Everton Ribeiro’s goals helped Peru lose the World Cup qualifiers again. Tito’s side are one step ahead of Latin America in securing a place in the final with their eighth win in a row.


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Brazil won the match 2-0 which started on Friday morning during Bangladesh time. They scored two goals in the first half at home.

Brazil took 10 shots to score in the match, four of which were on target. Although they were behind in possession of the ball, Peru was ahead in taking the shot. However, they can only aim at 12 shots.

The match was frozen from the start with an attack-per-attack at Arena Pernambuco. Peru was a little ahead in the attack at first. However, Brazil gradually adjusted themselves and went ahead in the 14th minute.


In the sidelines, Peruvian defender Anderson snatched the ball from Santamaria and went a little ahead to find Neymar from the byline. He did the rest effortlessly.


Neymar fouled Santamaria while snatching the ball, claiming that the Peruvian players surrounded the referee. However, the goal survives.
No team was able to create a good opportunity to play offensive football. Brazil increased the lead in the 40th minute with a lucky goal. Ribeiro’s shot from the head of the D-box hit Neymar when he hit a Peruvian leg. This unprotected forward just needed a tap.


In the 62nd minute, Peruvian forward Janluca Lapadula got a great opportunity in the D-box. But their association did not allow any danger in the excellent block. A few seconds later, Marcos Lopez’s bullet speed shot from outside the D-box was blocked by Brazil goalkeeper Waverton. This shot from Peru was just on target.


Three minutes later, Neymar went ahead with the ball at great speed and tried to find Gabriel Barbosa from the byline. But his attempt was thwarted by Peruvian goalkeeper Pedro.
Neymar could not aim the bicycle kick from the head of the box in the 61st minute. Hulk could not send the ball to the empty net from a difficult angle even though he managed to avoid the goalkeeper after five minutes.

In the first match against Peru, Brazil won 4-2. Neymar scored a hat trick. He also played a big role in this victory.


As usual, Brazil is at the top with 24 points in eight consecutive wins. Lionel Messi’s hat-trick helped Argentina beat Bolivia 3-0, with 18 points behind them. The two Latin American superpowers faced off in the previous round. But the match was postponed until the start of the game due to the intervention of Brazilian health officials.



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