July 6, 2021 || 12:26 pm

Neymar wants to win the trophy after losing Argentina

It is a relief to be able to avoid a relatively difficult opponent in a trophy fight. Neymar is the exception here. The taste of losing to eternal rivals and the thrill of winning a difficult challenge is what attracts him more. The Brazilian star will therefore support Argentina in the second semi-final. He wants to win the Copa America title by defeating Lionel Messi’s team in the final.


In the first semi-final, Brazil lost to Peru with a goal from Lucas Pakueta from Neymar’s magical pass. Not only that pass, his footwork has been seen many times in the whole match. Even if he doesn’t score a goal, he is the best footballer of the match.

Neymar was also the best in the quarter-finals. He has been Man of the Match three times.


They reached the final themselves and now they are looking at the second semi-final. Where Argentina will fight with Colombia. At the end of the first semi-final, Neymar smiled and said which team he wanted in the final.

“I want Argentina to play for them (in the second semi-final). I have a lot of friends there and Brazil will win that final. ”

The match between Argentina and Colombia will start at 7 am Bangladesh time on Wednesday at the Garincha Stadium in Brasilia.



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