October 26, 2021 || 8:48 pm

Nightmare at Old Trafford’ – What are the top 10 worst defeats of Cristiano Ronaldo’s career?

The 5-0 loss to Liver’pool was the joint-wor’st defe’at in Ron’aldo’s career.


Manche’:ster Unit’ed’s Pre’mier League clash agai’nst rivals Liverpool turned out to be a nightmare for the R’ed De’vils and Cristi:ano ‘: as they suffered a thumping 5-0 defeat at Old Trafford.

Liverpool took a 4 goal lead in the 1st itself and then fu’rther increased their tally in the 50th minute to pil:e on Man’chester United’s mi:sery. Liv:erpool talisman Mohamed Salah ‘netted a hat-trick and Na’by Ke’ita and Diogo Jo’ta scored the other two goals.

The last time Ronaldo fac’ed Liver’pool as a ‘Manc’hester United player, his tea’m lost 4-1 to the Reds at the Old’ Trafford. It was an evening that Cristi’ano Ronaldo would like to forget as the defeat is the joint-wor’st r’esult in his two-decade-long care’er. Only once before had a Crist’iano Ro’naldo lost 5-0 in club fo’otball which was back in 201’0 when Jose Mourinho”s Real Mad’rid lost to rivals FC Barsa.

Only on eight occas’ions in the past, a Cristia’no Ro’naldo team conced’ed 4 ‘or more goals at the club level and in int’ernational footba’ll. Interest’ingly, onl’y time Ronaldo’s team conc&eded more than 6 goa&ls was& when Portugal lost 6-2 to Brazil in an internat:ional fri’endly back in 2008.


Here, we ta’ke a look at the 10 worst resu’lts in Cris’tiano Ronaldo”s ca’reer. In t’hese 10 losing cau’ses, Rona’ldo managed to score only’ on 3 occasions.

What are the top 10 w’orst defe’ats of Cristiano Ron’aldo’s career?

CompetitionClubDateMatchRonaldo goals
La Li’gaReal Madrid29/11/2010FC Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid
Premi’er LeagueManc’hester United24/10/2021Manchester United 0-5 Liverpool
La Lig’aReal Mad’rid7/02/2015Atletico Madrid 4-0 Real Madrid
La Li’gaReal Ma’drid21/11/2015Real Madrid 0-4 FC Barcelona
Premi’er LeagueManche’ster United14/03/2004Manchester City 4-1 Manchester United
Prem’ier LeagueManche’ster United29/10/2005Middlesbrough 4-1 Manchester United1
Prem’ier LeagueManch’ester United14/03/2009Manchester United 1-4 Liverpool1
Champio’ns LeagueReal Ma’drid24/04/2013Borussia Dortmund 4-1 Real Madrid1
Internatio’nal friendlyPortu’gal20/11/2008Brazil 6-2 Portugal
2014 Wo’rld CupPortu’gal16/06/2014Germany 4-0 Portugal
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