June 24, 2021 || 3:10 pm

Not Neymar,The referee fooled at Colombia.

After eight matches, Brazil fell behind with a goal. Despite being stunned by a great goal from Luis Dias, the Neymars eventually beat Colombia 2-1. However, Roberto Firmino’s equalizing goal in the 78th minute of this match has caused a lot of controversy.

Let’s se Columbia versis Brazil football match highlight..


Match referee Nestor Pitana is at the center of the controversy over the goal. A pass from Neymar suddenly hit the referee’s hand and the direction changed, with midfielder Lucas Paketa receiving the ball from there and extending it towards Lodi. Firmino scored the goal by heading from Lodi’s cross. Colombian goalkeeper Ospina could have caught the innocent head, but he couldn’t because of the situation.


The situation was somewhat confusing for Colombian footballers. The Colombian players stopped for a few moments as soon as the ball hit the referee. They thought the referee would understand and stop the game. But the referee did not do that, Brazil took advantage of the situation very well.


Colombia has paid a bigger price with this goal. The Colombian players wasted some time arguing with the referee over Firmino’s goal. Ospina was shown a yellow card. As a result, after 90 minutes, 10 more minutes are added. In the tenth minute of that added time, Casimiro’s head burned Colombia from Neymar’s corner. The team that was leading 1-0 till 78 minutes lost 2-1.


Colombia, however, called Firmino’s goal “unfair.” Coach Ronaldo Rueda said at the end of the match, “Brazil’s two goals came in a completely different situation. The players of my team were completely confused when the ball hit the referee in the first goal. ‘

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