September 26, 2021 || 8:44 pm

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer warned Cristiano Ronaldo must be treated differently by Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo re-joi’ned Manchester United in the sum’mer and has scored four goals in four games so far, and for’mer defe’nder Jaap Stam bel’ieves he can’t be treated the sa’me wa:y as o’ther teamma:tes.


Manchester United ma’nager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer mu’st treat Cristiano Ronaldo differ’ently to the rest of his team’mates, accor’ding to former defender Jaap Stam.

Ronaldo retur’ned to Manchester United on a 2 year de’al this summer from Juve’ntus and has started his second spe’ll at the club on fire with 4 go’als in four games so far. At 36-years-old, Ron’aldo has returne’d as a sen’ior m’ember of the squa’d and there ha’ve been suggestions that Solsk’jaer would struggle to mana’ge a playe’r of that profile.’


After some critici’sm for substit’uting Ron’aldo in the Champ’ions Leag’ue defeat against Young Boys, Stam belie’ves Solskjaer must treat him differently to the rest of his team’mates becau’se of who’ he is an’d ‘what he can do for the team.

Speakin’g to ‘Off the Ball podcast‘, the forme’r tre’ble win’ner said “If you bring in a pla’yer like this at the age that he is, you cannot say to Cristiano, ‘Hey, I’m the m’anager, you listen to me and do w’hat I want.’


He is a grow’n-up, an adult, he’s 36-years-old so you need to treat him with a lot of ‘resp’ect for what he’s done and w’hat he can do for you to help you out.

“Ole is goin’g to be in talks with Cristiano prob’ably dail’y in how to get the best out of hi’m, and what he can do [for the ‘team to] provide more balls for Cristiano to score.


The important thi’ng for United is that Ole uses Ronaldo in a way where he can hope’fully do less, but still hop’efully score a lot of goals.


Stam also beli’eves that Ron’aldo’s presence and exp’erience will only benefit youn’gsters in and around the first-team pictu’re currently.


What he has do’ne to keep himself fit and still be 1 of the b’est players in the world,” Sta’m pointed out, “I don’t t’hink he is a sel’fish guy.


“I thin”k he will go to yo’unger players to help the’m and talk to his teamm’ates abo’ut what to do, and also not bei’ng self’ish for himself but giving othe”rs the opportunities to score wh’en he can’t.

“That tells you some”thing about a player of his stat’ure and his profession’alism. Wh’en he comes in, the whole club changes a little bit and there’s pro’bably a differe’nt feeli’ng.”

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