March 22, 2021 || 2:21 pm

Once again, Barca has risen to the second place in the points list.

The day before, Karim Benzema had pulled Real Madrid into second place.

He dropped Barcelona to third place. Barcelona finished third in Merekette one day.


After beating Real Sociedad 6-1, Barca  has risen to the second place in the points list again.

Lionel Messi and Dutch rightback Serhinio Dest have scored a pair of goals. Two goals were scored by two French forwards, Atoyan Griezmann and Osmane Dembele.



Barcelona came on the field with a record of being unbeaten in 17 consecutive matches in the league.


At the end of the match, he set the record in 18 matches. Coach Ronaldo Coman, who led the team to a 4-3-3 draw, selected the strongest team possible for the match.

At the bottom of the goal is Ter Stegen as usual, with Oscar Mingesa and Clem Longley as center-backs in front, two fullbacks Serhino Dest and Jordi Alba on either side.


In place of three midfielders, Dutch midfielders Frankie de Young and Pedri have played on both sides, with Sergio Busquets in the middle. Griezmann and Dembele on either side of Messi above. Sociedad could not keep this Barca at home.


Barcelona could have gone ahead in the 11th minute of the match.

Messi was shot from outside the box along with a goal by left-back Jordi Albar. Messi, who scored two goals in the last match from outside the box, could not score in this journey.

Since Barca preferred to attack from the start, the Real Sociedad strikers wanted to play with the press.

But in their pressing, Banesh was bringing out the ball well with the defense of Barca.


In the 24th minute, Ter Stegen blocked the shot of Alexander Isaac, the former Swedish striker of Borussia Dortmund.


In the 37th minute, Alba, Messi, Dembele and Griezmann jointly scored the first goal for Barcelona.


After receiving the ball from Messi, the Spanish left-back Alba increased the pass for Dembele in the box. He did not have a problem to score a goal from there. This is Griezmann’s eighth goal in the league.


Sociedad got a chance to equalize right after the first goal.


They were getting the benefit of continuous press only a little more. However, Isaac’s shot was saved again by Ter Stegen.


Messi’s role in the second goal of Barca. Dutch right-back Serhino Deste, who went to the right edge with the ball from midfield, was passed by the team captain.


Barca doubled the lead with a powerful right-footed shot. This is Dest’s first league goal of the season. Barca finished the first half with a 2-0 scoreline.


The third goal shows how important the two fullbacks have been for Barcelona in this match.


Left-back Albara passed and his second and Barca third goal in the match was scored by right-back Dest, in the 53rd minute.


Three minutes later, Messi-Busquets was seen on the field again like in those old days.


The Argentine striker scored his first and the team’s fourth goal in the 56th minute with a great lob ball from Busquets.


Dembele scored his first goal in the 62nd minute with a bicycle kick. But the ball went straight into the hands of Sociedad goalkeeper.


He got another chance in 66 minutes, but this time he was left offside.


But it was clear in the 71 minute how far the French forward was heading to score.


Dembele ran from midfield with a left-footed shot.

Sociedad Spanish midfielder Ander Barenzia narrowed the gap with a goal in the 76 minute.


In the 90th minute, Messi scored his second goal with another pass from Alba. Barcelona left the field with a huge victory of 6-1 goals.


When he signed for Bar্সa from Ajax at the start of the season, right-back Dest was hoping he wanted to forge a strong partnership with Messi, like Barca legend and former right-back Dani Alves.


Alves wants to take the place in Barca. This match seemed to give that message, showing what Dest can do with Messi if he is in form.

Another fullback Alba was also great in tandem with Dest. What happened if you could not score a goal?


The way the team has scored three goals, it seems that the Spanish star has not come down despite his age.


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