June 21, 2021 || 9:55 am

Peru vs Colombia football match..2-1, highlight (video)

At first let’s see  highlight Peru vs Colombia football match..2-1


Peru is the final team in the last tournament of the Copa America. Yet on paper and in the South American football tradition, they lag behind Colombia. Peru stunned Colombia 2-1 in the Copa America today.

Sergio Pena scored in the 17th minute of the first half. Colombia were awarded a penalty in the 53rd minute after the break. Miguel Borha equalized for Colombia with a goal from a spot kick.


But Jerry Mina wrapped the ball in his own net to ‘clear’ the ball from their unfortunate corner. This suicide goal of Everton defender made the fate of the match.

Colombia have not lost a match in the previous 10 encounters against Peru. Digested only 2 goals. Colombia’s 7 goals in the last three encounters show that Peru is far behind them in strength. But Ricardo Gareka’s team picked up a memorable victory against Colombia today.


Peru has attacked from the beginning of the match. They scored in the 16th minute in a series of shots at the Colombian goalpost. The teammate’s shot hit Colombia goalkeeper David Ospina at the goal post. Pena scored with a return shot.


After the break, Colombia scored the equalizer in the 8th minute of the second half. Colombian striker Borha got in front of the Peruvian goalkeeper in the box through a through pass. There was no choice but to foul him in the box in front of Peru goalkeeper Pedro Gallas. The referee whistles the penalty. Borha scored the equalizer from the spot kick.


The two teams have been attacking each other to level the match 1-1. Colombia unfortunately digested the goal in the 64th minute. Peru got the corner.

Mina went to ‘clear’ the ball that flew from there. The ball hit his chest and took refuge in the Colombian net. Colombia could not return to the match after that.


Cuadrado-Minara could not win the match with 12 shots holding the ball 59 percent of the time. Peru, on the other hand, won one of the 10 shots with a goal and the other with the help of luck.

In this victory, El Peru rose to the top of the table with 3 points in 3 matches in ‘B’ group. Colombia with 2 points in their equal match. Brazil is at the top with 6 points with 2 wins in 2 matches.



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