March 31, 2021 || 12:04 pm

Portugal snatched another major victory from Luxembourg in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers with Ronaldo’s goal.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal sealed another major victory for Luxembourg in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. Fernando Santos’ side won 3-1 despite falling behind.



In the previous match, Luxembourg had defeated the Republic of Ireland 1-0 under the head of Garson Rodriguez. The 25-year-old midfielder also put Luxembourg ahead of Shinani’s pass in the 30th minute against Portugal.



However, they could not hold the gap for long. Liverpool forward Jota equalized for Portugal with a header after Neto was swept away in the final attack of the first half.



The one-time Euro and UEFA champions went back from the break. In the 50th minute, Ronaldo found the net of Luxembourg from Cancello’s pass.


With this, Juventus forward scored a goal for the national team for 18 consecutive years from 2004-2021.



In the 80th minute, Huao Palhinha sent the last ball into the net of Luxembourg to ensure the victory of Daputa in Portugal. Before that another head of the shoe came back interrupted by the bar.


And Ronaldo missed the second goal thanks to the skill of Luxembourg goalkeeper Anthony Morris.

After digesting the third goal, they became a team of 10 people. Luxembourg’s Maxim Chant was shown a second yellow card in the 86th minute for fouling Renato Sanchez.



With this victory, Portugal topped Serbia with 6 points in Group A. Although both teams have points, Ronaldo is ahead in goal difference. Portugal-Serbia had a controversial 2-2 draw this week.

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