March 18, 2021 || 6:43 am

PSG has increased the security of Neymar

French football club PSG has increased the security of the players’ homes.


There was no way to increase it. There have been several incidents of burglary at the footballers’ houses during PSG matches this year.


During the last match of the Nante-PSG in the French league ‘A’, robberies took place at the house of Anhel de Maria and at the house of the father of Americanos.


Earlier, Neymar and Killian Mbappera had stepped up security at their respective homes through private security forces on their own initiative.



General Marion Shalu, secretary general of the prosecutor’s office in Nanterre, Paris, told the media that a special police unit was investigating the robbery at The Maria’s home.




The special police unit has previously investigated robberies at the homes of Mauro Icardi and Sergio Rico.


According to a report in France’s Le Kip newspaper, robbers looted gold jewelery worth 500,000 euros from the home of Anhel de Maria.



When the robbery at The Maria’s house took place, at the same time another group of robbers also broke into the house of the father of the PSG captain Markinios.


The investigating police unit is also trying to find out whether there is any collusion between the two groups.


“His parents were at home at the time of the match,” Americans posted on Instagram after the incident. But they were quite scared.


French authorities have already launched an investigation.


According to the La Parisian newspaper, American’s father was detained for some time during a search of the house by robbers in the town of Shatu.


At that time, the robbers took away their valuable bags, gold ornaments and other items and 2,000 euros in cash.


Security will be increased so that these thefts and robberies do not happen

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