November 8, 2021 || 12:44 pm

PSG medical report: Lionel Messi continues recovery and Sergio Ramos will return to training next week

Mauricio Pochettino will h’ave a boost after the intern’ational break.


Paris Saint-Germain ha’ve released their ‘ medical update, with there being’ progress made on the recove’ry of both Lionel Messi and Serg’io Ramos.

After visiting a regen’erative therapy clinic in Ma’drid during the week, although ‘missing the trip to Leipzig to do so, there is confidence that Me’ssi is nearing a return to fitne’ss.


He will not be avail’able for the Saturday even’ing clash with Bordeaux, altho’ugh there is optimism that he will be able to represent the Parisi’an club after the break.

Messi contin’ued his treatment at the Ooredoo Trai’ning Centre this morning for kn’ee and hamstring pains,” the state’ment read.

Messi will, tho’ugh, likely represent Arge’ntine during the international break which will be a test of his mat’ch fitness ahead of returning to Pa’ris.



Sergio Ram’os injury update

The Argentine was’n’t the only player mentio’ned in the report, though, with PSG’ also offering a brief update on Ramos and when he could ma’ke his long-awaited debut.

Despite worryi’ng reports in the week that he cou’ld end up having his contract with t’he club rescinded du’e to continuing injuries, Ram’os will return to full training wit’h the team next week.

The former Real Ma’drid captain has barely been ab’le to train with his teammates sin’ce joining the club, which has lim’ited his progress.

The remainder of the’ report focused around Lean’dro Paredes, Marco Verratti, Ra’finha and Presnel Kimpe’mbe.

Leandro Paredes conti’nues his rehabilitation and ath’letic work on the pitch at the ‘Ooredoo Training Centre,” the statement contin”ued.



Marco Verratti is contin uing his treatment, a return to traicning is planned for after the intcernational break.

Rafinha will have 5 days of treatment for a pa’in the right hip, whilst Presnel Kimp’embe, who is suffering from a ha’mstring injury in his left thigh, wi’ll undergo treatment over the course of the next 10 days at the Oor’edoo Training Cen’tre.”

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