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Real Madrid vs Inter Milan football match highlight.

After an exclusive dominance in the first half of the match, Inter Milan held the pressure for some time in the second half. But due to the failure of finishing, they did not get the desired net. On the contrary, Real Madrid, which was on fire in the last half of the second half, picked up a great victory in the last minute.

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Real Madrid vs inter Milan football match highlight…..


Carlo Ancelotti’s side won their first match of Group D of the Champions League 1-0 in San Siro on Wednesday night. Substitute Rodrigo made the difference in a fierce battle.


Simono Inzaghi’s team gave a great football gift before the break, announcing to overcome the frustration of leaving the group stage in three consecutive seasons. They took 14 shots for the goal, four of which were on target


Real were somehow cornered in Inter’s attack. However, the hosts could not take advantage in the second half. Real dominated the attack as well as possession of the ball in this half. The team that took five shots in the first half took seven more in this section, two of which were on target.


Inter kept the exclusive pressure in the first half of the match. They also get the first chance. Thibaut Courtois blocked Zeko’s shot in the ninth minute. Then in the corner the head of the inter defender goes a little above the crossbar.

Lautaro Martinez lost the golden opportunity to lead Inter 10 minutes later. Despite getting the ball in a great position, the Argentine forward headed within the reach of Cortier. Real goalkeeper did not get much speed to stop.


Real could have taken the lead in the 26th minute with a counter-attack. However, after Vasquez failed in the first attempt, Luka Madrich increased the cross to the far post from the right side in the same attack. But Karim Benzema could not take the shot even after getting the ball on his feet. After eight minutes, Milita also got the ball in the corner and headed the goal.


In the last 10 minutes of the first half, he spent a very busy time defending Real. Real survived in the 36th minute when Marcelo Brujovic’s shot from outside the box bounced off the post. A minute later Martinez’s shot also went out. Three minutes before the break, Cortoya blocked Zeko’s powerful shot.


At the beginning of the second half, the hosts again spread fear in the defense of Real. Cortoya saved the team by jumping with the strong head of Jaco. Even then the ball was in the goal for a while, but they could not take advantage in the jitler. Three minutes later the Inter goalkeeper returned a shot from Lucas Vasquez from the right side in a counter attack.


Vinicius Jr. made a great attack from the left side in the 72nd minute. Leaving the defender behind at speed, he entered the D-box and tried to cutback from the byline. The goalkeeper blocked in exchange for a corner. Benzema headed in from six minutes into the box.


The match was heading towards a draw with a disappointing performance of both the teams in the finish. Rodrigo scored the winning goal in the 69th minute. Kamavinga gently extended the ball to Rodrigo on the right side after getting the ball extended by his teammate in the D-box. The substitute Brazilian forward also led the team to victory in another volley.

In another match of the group, Moldova club Sheriff lost 2-0 at Tiraspool to Ukraine’s Shakhtar Donetsk.

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