March 20, 2021 || 11:09 am

Real wanted to buy Messi for 250 million euros!

Lionel Messi at Real Madrid, it’s hard to think.

Although in professional football there is nothing impossible. Real tried to make the impossible to possible.


According to the German-based magazine Der Spiegel, the Madrid club wanted to sign Messi for 250 million euros.



Real did not bring Gareth Bale to the team even after setting a world record of transfer.

Messi was the ‘target’ of Madrid’s elite before bringing the Welsh forward to 100 million euros in 2013.

Der Spiegel published the news based on information obtained from Football Leaks.

The German magazine claims that Real Madrid planned to snatch the enemy camp from Barcelona with 250 million euros in Messi’s buyout clause.




That’s why Los Blancos wanted to pay Messi 23 million euros a year until 2021.


With him, the father of the Argentine forward offered to pay another 1 million euros to Jorge Messi.


According to Der Spiegel, the offer was made by Real through Messi’s non-resident Inigo Huares.


Not only that, they also planned to have a meeting with the Argentine captain.



Real president Florentino Perez, Messi’s father, Real’s sporting director Miguel Pardesa and the club’s lawyer were scheduled to attend the meeting.

According to Der Spiegel, Real Madrid also made a promise to Messi’s lawyer Huares.


If Messi joins the Santiago Bernabeu, they will press Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to close the tax evasion probe against the Argentine forward.




Although Real Madrid has blown this news. They claim, “The news is completely false.”


However, Real President Perez’s interest in Messi is not new news! Marca

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