February 9, 2021 || 12:38 pm

Referee will not take the field after receiving a threats!

At the end of the day, 
football is just a game.

But for some crazy spectators,
this game is a big accident.

Fights are all there. This time 
English referee Mike Dean has 
received death threats.

Dean and his family received 
death threats following a red 
card decision in an English 
Premier League match, police said.

Meanwhile, Mike Dean has decided
not to conduct any league match
this weekend due to threats.

Mike Riley, a head of PGMOL,
the refereeing body of an 
english football, fully 
supported Dean's decision.

 He said threats and such
 vulgar remarks were not 
acceptable. We fully support 
Mike's decision to reports
 the matter to the police. 

Dean showed a red card to a
defender Ian Bednarek in
Southampton's 9-0 defeat 
to Manchester United on
Tuesday and to visiting 
the midfielder Tamas Suchek 
in West Ham United's goalless
draw at Fulham on Saturday.

 As a result, he became an 
eyesore for the supporters.

 On appeal, however, both 
decisions have changed.
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