March 28, 2021 || 10:26 pm

Ronaldo got only 1 goal from 72 free kicks!

In football, there was no comparison between Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo in scoring from a free kick.


At one time he was the best free kick in the world. But since moving to Juventus, the tide has turned.


That’s why Ronaldo has almost been touched by his arch-rival Lionel Messi in the last three years.


The statistics of his free kick goal misses are alarming.



He has taken 72 free kicks since moving from Real Madrid to Juventus.


Of which only 1 shot is caught in the net! These figures are very uncomfortable for free kick emperor Ronaldo.


Once upon a time, it was scary for goalkeepers to see Ronaldo standing to take a free-kick.


That Ronaldo will no longer get a place in the top five in free-kicks.


Ronaldo’s Juventus team-mate Polish goalkeeper Vyacheslav Sejni said Cristiano Ronaldo always took free-kicks in practice and also scored goals all the time.


I don’t know why you can’t do that in the match. Probably bad luck, for this. My very nice friendship with him.


Ronaldo is a very ordinary man. Don’t walk like a star. Stay quiet, like to laugh, love to joke.


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