October 9, 2021 || 10:36 pm

Ronaldo is getting fit by bringing an ice chamber worth 70k dollars

The ice chamber costs 50,000 pounds. More than Tk 56 lakh in Bangladeshi currency.

However, this is not an ordinary chamber, the function of the cryotherapy ice chamber is to keep the athletes fit. This chamber is used to keep the blood circulation of the players normal, to get rid of physical fatigue quickly and to get rid of injuries quickly.


Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the fittest players in the world, has been using this chamber for many years. The chamber has also moved to England at the hands of the Portuguese star, who recently joined Manchester United from Juventus.

Ronaldo started using this chamber when he played for Real Madrid in 2013. When he went from Real to Juventus, he took the chamber with him. So again.


You have to be healthy to adapt to the hard work, the competition, the pressure of playing in the Premier League every week.

Ronaldo knows that. As you know, he flew the cryotherapy chamber from Turin, Italy. The 38-year-old has since been named the Premier League’s best player of September, and the chamber is helping him out. Ronaldo scored three goals in three Premier League matches last month.



This chamber is used for proper care of body tissues. The temperature in the cryotherapy chamber ranges from -160 degrees to -200 degrees. In that situation, Ronaldo regularly enters the chamber and spends three minutes.

Liquid nitrogen is then pumped into the air in the chamber, which cools Ronaldo’s body even more. However, you cannot stay in this chamber for more than five minutes. If there is a possibility of damage to the bodies.

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