March 26, 2021 || 9:58 am

Ronaldo is returning to Real

Rumor has it that Ronaldo wants to leave Juventus to win the Champions League. Meanwhile, Juventus is also interested in leaving him.


They took Ronaldo to win the Champions League, leaving the club’s financial situation in crisis.


But without taxes, the team is slowly realizing the impact of paying 30 million euros a year behind Ronaldo.


So they are thinking of reorganizing the squad with the money earned by selling Ronaldo and the salary they have saved.


In this situation, Zidane himself has provoked the rumor of Ronaldo’s return to Real.


Today is Real’s second leg of the last 16 against Atalanta in the Champions League. That is where this issue came up.



Zidane said it could be (Ronaldo’s return to Real).


We all know him and I have had the good fortune to be his coach. He is an excellent forward.


I do not see what happens in the future. He is currently a Juventus player.



Meanwhile, news has come that Juventus has agreed to release Ronaldo for only 29 million euros.

The player’s agent Jorge Mendes has also spoken to Real. It has been heard that if he agrees to reduce his salary to return to Real, the former club will welcome him.

But in the meantime, new news has come that Perez has not yet forgiven Ronaldo’s self-centered behavior on the night of Kiev in 2016. So even if the possibility of Ronaldo’s return arises, he is not willing to worry about it.


Ronaldo has gone down in history as the club’s all-time leading scorer with 450 goals in 437 appearances for Real.

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