September 19, 2021 || 9:05 pm

Ronaldo is seriously considering Juventus exit, says transfer expert

Fabrizio Romano, an Italian journalist who specia’lizes in football transfers, has offer’ed the latest upda’tes on ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juve’ntus future.
Cristiano Ronaldo is serio’usly considering a summ’er exit but has no offers’ on the table, accord’ing to Fabr’izio Rom’ano.


Doubts over Ronaldo’s fut’ure resurfac’ed on Sunday as the Portug’uese ace sat on the ben’ch in Juventus’ 2-2 draw at Udinese. CR7 inste’ad came on in the second half to mark his 20th professional season. He almost capp’ed it off with an inju’ry-time ‘writer, only for VAR to rule his head’er out for offsi’de.


Since then, Ronaldo has again domin’ated headl’ines. He all’egedly wants to reso’lve his future before the transfer window closes on August 31, altho’ugh Juvent’us re’main convin’ced he’ll stay.


“What we know is it is a compli’cated situat’ion becau’se Cristiano Ronaldo is seriou’sly considering the oppor’tunity of leaving Juventus this summ’er, in the comi’ng few days, but it is really, really compli’cated,” Romano told Sky Sports.


“It’s really diffic’ult because as of now, in the last 3 months, he has not receiv’ed any corr’ect bid, right bid and neither have Juventus. So, the situat’ion is quiet becau’se no clubs are approaching Cristiano Ronaldo. He is still hop’ing to find a solution, but from Juve’ntus, what they are sayin’g is we have not received any prop’osals and we count on Ronaldo for this sea’son.


“That’s why the situa’tion at the moment is still qu’iet, but he was on the’ bench beca’use of this. So let’s see what happe’ns but as of now, Juven’tus are convi’nced Ronaldo will be sta’ying at the club.”
Los Blancos boss Carlo Anc’elotti ruled out a reu’nion with Ronaldo on Twitter last week, while Paris Saint-Germ’ain have just signed Lionel Messi. The Paris’ians may only bid for ano’ther forw’ard if Kylian Mba’ppe leaves.


When asked where CR7 could go, Romano replied: “It’s a complicated situat’ion because from Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti said no to the opport’unity of re-signing Cristiano Ronaldo.


“From what I know, Paris Saint-Germa’in are not looking at Ronaldo as one of the opt’ions. They have sign’ed ma’ny players this summ’er, so they are not looking at signi’ng Ronaldo.


“Let’s see what ‘happend  but as I said, as of now there are no bids for Cristiano Ronaldo and only somet’hing surpr’ising could happen if he will really leave Juventus beca’use I wa’nt to say again, Juve are really con’vinced that at the ‘end of the market he will be playing for Juve’ntus.”



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