March 28, 2021 || 2:27 pm

Ronaldo left the field in reggae after canceling a clear goal at the last minute.

In the TV replay, it was clear that the ball crossed the goal line before the Serbian defender cleared.


Cristiano Ronaldo appealed for the goal, the whole Portugal team appealed. But the Dutch referee stunned them and signaled to continue the game.


Ronaldo’s protest did not stop, so he had to see a yellow card. Shortly after, the last whistle blew.


Ronaldo threw off his armband and walked out of the field. If he loses his temper after scoring such a clear goal, he cannot be blamed.


The controversial incident took place yesterday in Portugal’s match against Serbia in the World Cup qualifiers.


After a 2-2 draw, Ronaldo seemed to win the country at the last minute.


But against the referee’s decision, goal line technology was not in the match. Ronaldo’s anger did not subside even at the end of the match.


“This decision has hurt the whole country,” he wrote on Instagram. Although he said to turn around from here.


The real question Portugal coach Fernando Santos has made in his thousandth match as coach is why there is no goal line technology in a match like the World Cup qualifiers.


The referee also apologized to him at the end of the match.


However, Portugal’s loss is not going to be compensated. They were looking to win after a pair of goals from Diego Jota in the first half.


Jota doubled the lead after Bernardo Silver scored the first goal with a great assist.


But Alexander Mitrovic narrowed the gap with a goal, with Serbia or the former Yugoslavia being the all-time leading scorer with 39 goals.


After Kostich equalized in the 60th minute, Serbia became the team of ten in the 88th minute. Then Ronaldo’s incident.



After this draw, Portugal and Serbia are top of the group with 4 points.

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