March 24, 2021 || 3:54 pm

Ronaldo-Mbappe’s World Cup Expedition.


Ronaldo-Mbappe’s World Cup Expedition.


The whole of the Champions League knockout round has been in Lisbon. However, Portugal itself is not able to play the World Cup qualifiers in their capital.


Cristiano Ronaldo’s match has been moved to Turin, Italy due to Corona’s outburst.


Other European teams like Portugal will also take to the field with various quarantine and travel complications in the qualifying round starting today.


On the first day, world champion France is facing Ukraine in a spectatorless gallery.


The Netherlands will also face Turkey, Belgium will face Welsh, Serbia will face the Republic of Ireland and last World Cup runners-up Croatia will face Slovenia today.


Cristiano Ronaldo broke Pel’s record for most goals a few days ago.


This time in international football, Ali Daiyi’s 109 goals are in front of him. Ronaldo has 102 goals in international football.


After Azerbaijan, he will play against Serbia on March 27 and Luxembourg on March 30.


Ronaldo is said to be facing closer to Ali Daii with three easy opponents.


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