September 17, 2021 || 8:52 pm

Ronaldo reveals the greatest rival of his entire career.Who is he?

On his return to Engla’nd,  Ronaldo sat down with Piers Mor’gan to discuss his impress’ive care’er and his greatest rival.’


Hearing  Ronaldo talking about his greatest rival is completely unheard of but Piers Morg’an managed to get it out of him. The famous Britis’h jour’nalist and commen’tator has a sp’ecial type of relations’hip with the Manchester United star. They have shared air time a few times an’d they ev’en go to dinner toge’ther when they have the time. For Piers, Cristiano Ronaldo is defin’itely the best playe’r in football histo’ry.


Especia:lly due to his winn:ing mentality that won’t all:ow him to think otherwise. In his mind, there is no player bet’ter than him but Morgan decided to ask a trick question. As they were sitti’ng at a dinner table with a friend of Ronaldo’s, Mor’gan decided to ask the question that very few journalists have the courage to ask him. But then aga’in, Piers does have that speci’al bond ‘that allows him to have these liberties w’hen they meet: “Who is’ the greatest player you ever played against?” Asked Mor’gan via the Daily Mail.
Cristiano Ronaldo’s honest resp’onse to Piers Mor’gan.

As soon as Cristiano Ronaldo heard the question, he didn’t hesitate to respond: “Messi, for sure. He is the best I’ve ever played again’st. But Piers, you are ask’ing me the wrong question. You shou’ld ask me who is the greatest player,” said Cristiano with a grin. At that moment, Piers Morgan ag’reed that Ronaldo is better than Messi. This entire excha’nge proves that one star feeds from the other and they keep push’ing each other for’ward.


As we enter one of the last se’asons with both of them at the top, nosta’lgia kicks in when we realize we won’t have them for much longer. Fortun’ately, we will get to see them both playing at the highest level and in ‘the most import’ant com’petitions in the world. But we are all craving a new Champions League final where they meet again. It’s funny how many of us tho’ught they could actually play together without know’ing they prob’ably enjoy their rivalry far m’ore than that other possibil’ity.




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