October 11, 2021 || 11:20 am

Ronaldo scores on European record 181st international appearance

The Manchester Unit’ed star ‘ Ser’gio Ra’mos as the most-capped intern’ational for a European nation

Cristi’ano Ron’aldo marked a record 18’1st intern’ational appear’ance with ‘a goal as Portugal defea’ted World Cup hosts Qatar 3-0 in a friendly game on Satur”day.

The Manch’ester Uni’ted star surpa:ssed Ser’gio Ram’os, who has played for Spain 180 times, as the most-ca:pped international for a Euro:pean nati:on.


Rona:ldo opened the scor’ing in the 37th min:ute with Jo’se Fonte adding a: second three minutes into the second half.


RB Leipzig striker Andre Silv’a comple’ted the sco’ring in the last min’ute of the game.

Portugal resu’me their World Cup qualif’ying camp’aign on Tue’sday when they h’ost Luxembourg.


They are currently sec’ond in Group A, a point behin’d Serbia but with a gam’e in ha’nd.


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Man Utd news LIVE: Pog’ba backed to ST’AY at United, Cris’tiano Ronaldo sc’ores again for Po’rtugal, Shaw backs S’ancho


CRISTIANO RON’ALDO has extended his world rec’ord as international foot’ball’s top scorer.

He latched on to Dio’go Dalot’s header across goal for Portugal to bag the 1st of 3 in a 3-0 win over Qat’ar and make it 112 st’rikes in internati’onals.

Mean’while Paul Pog’ba is report’edly keen on sta’ying at Manchester United, provi’ding they give hi’m a £400,000-a-week new cont’ract.


And Luke S’haw has bac’ked Jadon San’cho to come good at the club after a slo’w sta’rt to life in a M’an Utd ‘shirt.



Paul Po’gba sho’uld be delighted to play foo’tball in England as the Premier Lea’gue is the ‘best in the wor:ld’.

That’s the view: of Paul Scholes, who has quest:ioned why Pogba is entert’aining the tran”sfer specula’tion curr’ently rife around him.

He told the Webby & O’’Neill show: “I can’t see why he would want to leave h’ere. Why wo’uld you want to leave England?

“You look at Real Ma’drid – the Spanish leagu’e’s gone. Real, Barsa, they’re an absolute, complete mess.

“PSG might be ano’ther option for him but England is the best now.

“You look at the top 4 teams, they’ve got all the best play’ers, the best mana’gers are here, so why would he w’ant to lea’ve?

“But i’t’s up to the club’. If the club want to ke’ep hi’m then great, if they don’t th’en we’ll say goo’dbye.”

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