August 31, 2021 || 7:51 pm

Ronaldo signs contract with United,and says ‘dream come true’

“The place is mine, I’m back there,” said Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese star signed a two-year deal with Manchester United today. If you want, there is an opportunity to extend the term for one more year.

A decade later, Ronaldo officially returned to the club at Old Trafford. The 36-year-old forward made the remarks in an Instagram post out of an outpouring of love for his favorite club.


Ronaldo made a post on Facebook saying goodbye to the club when he left Juventus. “People who know me know my love for Manchester United is never ending,” Ronaldo wrote on Instagram after being officially confirmed to return to the English club. The years spent here have been great, the path we have taken will go down in the history of the club in golden letters. ‘


Ronaldo joined Real Madrid six years after joining United from Sporting Lisbon in 2003. As soon as he was at United, he came to Qatar. “I can’t express how I feel now,” Ronaldo said of his return. It’s like a dream come true. Even as a United opponent I have received love from the club’s supporters from the gallery.


“My first domestic league, my first cup, my first chance in Portugal, my first Champions League, my first Golden Boot, my first Ballon d’Or – everything I got at this particular club,” Ronaldo wrote. We have made history in the past, we will build together in the future, we promised. This is me! That place is mine, I’m back there! Let’s go on an expedition together again. B.D. Sir Alex, it’s all for you. ‘


Ronaldo was brought to Old Trafford from Sporting by the club’s legendary coach Sir Alex Ferguson. Fergie still loves Ronaldo very much. Ronaldo has been named Ballon d’Or and FIFA Player of the Year for the club by his hand. Won three leagues and the Champions League.



United have bought Ronaldo from Juventus for 15 million euros. The club is set to pay another 6 million euros conditionally.

“I have always had a special place in my heart for Manchester United,” Ronaldo told reporters after the deal. Friday (Ronaldo returns to United) floated in the congratulatory message of the announcement. It’s too late to play in front of the spectators at Old Trafford. I am looking forward to joining the team at the end of my international responsibilities. ‘

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