September 12, 2021 || 10:34 am

Ronaldo started with a pair of goals

What a joy for a fan to have a placard with Ronaldo is back. The jersey written by Ronaldo is worn by many. Excitement surrounds the Portuguese star. Ronaldo became Old Trafford. So is the field fight. Cristiano Ronaldo led the way in the second half. He brought a great victory. His second debut at Manchester United started like a dream.


Manchester United beat Newcastle United 4-1 in the Premier League on Saturday. After Ronaldo’s pair of goals, Bruno Fernandez increased the gap with extraordinary skill. The last goal was scored by Jesse Lingard.

Ule Gunar Sulshar’s team took a total of 21 shots in the match, including seven goals. And three of Newcastle’s 12 shots were on target.

The son of the house has returned home. Crowds of United fans thrilled to see him in his favorite team jersey again as if there was no place to hold sesame seeds in the gallery.


Ronaldo could have given the team an opportunity to celebrate in the ninth minute of the match. Fernandez finds the Portugal captain’s extended cross in the far post, he falls on a shot on the first attempt from a difficult angle.


Two minutes later, Ronaldo’s powerful shot into the box, avoiding one from the left side, shook the net. United kept on attacking one after the other under pressure. After a while, Rafael Varane’s header missed in the corner.

Finally seeing the match net just before the break. The goalkeeper messed up to block Mason Greenwood’s straight shot. Ronaldo, who was in the right place at the right time, sent the loose ball to the net. Old Trafford burst out in joy.


After 12 years and 124 days, Ronaldo found the net again in the Premier League. He last scored against Manchester City in May 2009, the year he left Manchester for Real Madrid. Only one has scored more goals than him in the history of the Premier League; English defender Matt Jackson, 13 years and 17 days (after 1993 again in 2006).
Newcastle sometimes counter-attacked but could not take advantage.However, in the 56th minute, they stunned the hosts with a great counter-attack. Havi Mankilo equalized with a corner kick after getting his teammate’s pass in the D-box.


In the 70th minute, Fernandez almost secured the victory by increasing the gap with a great goal. This Portuguese midfielder finds the address in a bullet speed shot from a great distance.
In the second minute of added time, Lingard made the scoreline 4-1 with an attack in great passing football. The English midfielder scored the goal with a low shot after Paul Pogbar got one in the pass box.

Manchester United won the league for the second time in a row and for the third time in a row. With one draw, they have risen to the top with 10 points in four matches.

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