September 13, 2021 || 4:45 pm

Ronaldo will not play in all matches?

He is 36 years old. But watching Cristiano Ronaldo play but there is no way to understand that. The team is being discussed by changing, getting a goal by going to a new place. Half-aged defenders are left to fend for themselves in a speed fight. He is constantly pointing fingers at why he is called one of the best footballers of all time.


Ronaldo scored two goals for Manchester United. United will play against Swiss club Young Boys in the Champions League tomorrow. Ronaldo may want to paint the re-launch of the Champions League in the same way for them. But will he play in this match?


However, he is the most successful footballer in the Champions League! At this age, the Portuguese star will want to play as many matches as he can. But what happens if you want? No matter how unique Ronaldo is, age sometimes has an effect on people.


United manager Ole Gunnar Sulshar understands this very well. He knows how much pressure his club-mate Ronaldo once had to prove himself. But even after that, it is his responsibility to make sure that Ronaldo does not get any major injuries while playing extra matches. That’s why Sulshar hints that Ronaldo may not play in all the matches.


“The thing is, Cristiano can take care of himself,” said Sullivan. So I can say for sure that he will not have much problem getting back match fitness after playing for Newcastle. He also played in the pre-season. Of course we want every player to be fit, every player to be ready to play for ninety minutes before the match. ‘


That’s why Ronaldo may not be able to play for United in this week’s Champions League match, ‘Yes, we have a match on Tuesday against the Young Boys. Let’s see what can be done. But yes, it’s not uncommon for Ronaldo to sit still. He is now 36, 19 in Greenwood. In the case of both, the matter is the same. Just as Greenwood has to play with understanding, a 36-year-old player has to play with understanding. The more quality players come into the team, the more healthy competitive environment will be created.


Manchester United have brought some great players to the team this time. In addition to Ronaldo, former Real Madrid center-back Rafael Varane and English winger Jaden Sancho are wearing United jerseys. “I think the arrival of Cristiano and Varane in the team has raised a lot of eyebrows because they are champion players,” said Sullivan.


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