September 25, 2021 || 3:04 pm

Sadio Mane, Raheem Sterling, Cristiano Ronaldo and the race to 100 Premier League goals

The trio are the nex’t most likely members of the Prem’ier League 100 club, with a number of players falli’ng jus’t short of reaching the land’mark num’ber

When Mo Sala’h put Liver’pool 1-0 up at Leeds Unit’ed a cou’ple of weeken’ds ago it wasn’t just your standard open’ing goal.

The Egypt’ian turned ho’me a Trent Alexander-Arnold cro’ss to give the Reds the lead at Ella’nd Road, and in doing so he bec’ame the 30th different player to score 100 goals in the Premier League – 98 of the’m for Liverpool and two for Chelsea.


Salah has sin’ce gone on to score his 101st aga’inst Crystal Palace last week’end, and he’ll now be aiming to leapf’rog as ma’ny memb’ers of the Prem’ier League’s 100 club as he possibly can. He’s already overta’ken Matt Le Tis’sier on 100 goals, and will no’w be eyeing Didier Dro’gba on 104.

He could have so’me mo’re company soon though.


Beca’use after Salah’s land’mark moment, the next mem’ber of the club will soon beco’me ‘ap’pear.

There are a few stars jost’ling for that accol’ade, and these are some of the still active pla’yers in the divisi’on who ha’ve a century of Premier League stri’kes in their sights.


Sadio Mane – 98 Prem’ier League goals (21 for Southampton, 77 for Liverpool)


His Premier League goalsc’oring journey had start’ed on the south coast a coup’le of years earlier than that, and he’s develope’d into one of the divisi’on’s more trustworthy perform’ers over his time at A’nfield.


He’s two away fro’m the 100 club, and after hitting 3 goals in his opening five lea’gue games of this season, it mig’ht not be long.


Not as much of a regu’lar at City these days as he’d like to be, Sterling has nonet’heless been a reliable goalscorer for the club ever since joini’ng from Liverpool in 2015.

He had made the break’through at Anfield, forcin’g his way into the first-team picture un’der Kenny Dalglish and then more reg’ularly Brendan Rodge’rs, and he’s gone on to prove him’self as a modern-day City gr’eat as well as a vital member of the Engla’nd setup.


Was reaching a Prem’ier League century on Ronal’do’s mind when he decided to come’ back to English football t’his summer? As a man who prides him’self on his records, you woul’dn’t be surprised.

The Portugue’se left for Real Madrid in 2009 whe’n he was on 84 strikes in the Prem’ier League for Manchester United, and he’s already bagged three in j’ust two league appeara’nces sinc’e being back”.

The 100 seems cert’ain to come this season, and pro’bably soon.

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