February 8, 2021 || 9:28 am

Sergio Ramos could be out of field for six to seven weeks

Sergio Ramos is already in
a trouble with contract.

Real Madrid is not getting along.

The club is reluctant to give
such a deal.

And if there is no agreement 
on contract, he 
will has to leave his favorite 
club next June and move 
somewhere else.

The Real 
captain is in another pain. 
It is learned that he may has 
to leave the field for at least 
six weeks.

According to Spanish 
media Cadenza Cope, Sergio Ramos
could be out of field for six 
to seven weeks.

Because nothing
else, a knee injury.

Ramos has undergone a surgery 
on his left knee, Real Madrid 
has made an official statement.

But it was not knowing exactly
how long Ramos would be out of 
the field despite the surgery.

This time, thanks to Kadena KOP,
it became known that Ramos will
not be on the field for at 
least six to seven weeks.

If that is the case, then Ramos
will not be able to play 
crucial two-a leg match against
the italian club Atalanta in 
the second round of the 
Champions League.

Can't play
the match against Atlético 

If the results in 
these matches do not go in 
Real's favor, the league and 
the Champions League may have 
to give up to the dream.

 The absence of Ramos is a big

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