October 28, 2021 || 8:53 pm

Solskjaer ‘ordered players around’ at Manchester United as Ferguson ‘raced’ to his defence .

Ole Gunnar Solskj’aer did his job on Tuesday after’noon, while’ there is consterna’tion at ‘the ‘prospect of Cristiano Ron’aldo being DROPPED. Again.


For the first ti’me in for’ever
‘UNDER-FIRE Man’chester United boss Ole Gunnar ‘Solskjaer was seen for the first’ time ‘since the shamb’olic de’feat to Liverpool as he took training’ – The Sun.

Man does job. M’ore as ‘we get it.


For those who dou’bt the importa’nce and si’gnificance of the story, get ‘a load of this paragraph:

‘He looked hard ‘at w’ork as he ordered’ his pl’ayers around, and worked’ on tac’tics ahead of the crunch clash.’

Sources also say he ha’d lu’nch at some point,an”’d nipped to the loo a couple ‘of tim’es throughout the day. Hopefully there is an update soon as to whic’h space he’ used in the car pa’rk.


Elsewhere on The Sun’s website:

‘Ferguson wen’t to Ca’rrington – where ‘he had a pre-arra’nged sponsorship appoin’tment – but never saw Solskja’er or the players.’

Yet, in anoth”er story by the sa’me publica’tion JUST H”OURS later:

‘SIR ALE’X FERG’USON ar’rived at Manchester Unit’ed’s training gro’und on Tuesday as he attem’pted to protect Ole Gunnar Solsk’jaer fro’m the sack.’

Either he ‘rac’ed’ to Carrin’gton to defend Solskjaer, or ‘he had a pre-arrang’ed sponso’rship appoi’ntment’ ‘so was” due there anyway and ‘ even s’aw the bloke. Same th’ing.



Load of old shirt
Getting Anto’nio Con’te and Manches’ter United in the same head’line is the ho’ly grail right now, wi’th Jose Mo”urinho just an added bonus. As ever, it’s the Daily Mirror website that leads the way in reminding us that ‘Antonio Conte refu’sed to ‘ac’cept Man Utd shirt sig’ned by Jose M’ourinho’.

It truly is shocki’ng that th’e then-Chelse’a man’ager did not accept a Manch’ester Uni’ted shirt presen”ted ‘by a renowned ‘Italian prankster’ in Febr’uary 2018. He was hardly goin’g to snatch it off him out of exci’tement and wear it over his top dur’ing a press conference, wa’s he?


Capital punishment
The MailOnline seem po’sitively aghast at the sugge’stion from ‘pundits’ that Cris’tiano Ronaldo could be DRO’PPED aga’inst Tottenham. The very possibility of him not playing e’very singl’e minute see’ms ali’en to th’em.

Their capitalised conste’rnation in the headl’ine is so po’werful that they don’t bother to ac’tually quote anyone who says the Por’tuguese might not play at th’e week’end – indeed, the top sea’rch res’ults for ‘Ronaldo dro’pped Tottenham’ on Goo’gle are that article itself, two tactical previ’ews fro’m journalists, and their very own Ian Lad’yman’s advice to Ole Gun’nar Solskjaer from earlier this week.

He advocated for Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes to be benched, while the entire defence that shipped 5 go’als agai’nst Liverpool remained untou’ched. It was great fun.

But the prospec’t of Ron’aldo being DROPPED is surely not worthy of such surprise or amaz’ement. It takes the shorte’st of memories to recall the sh*tstorm that followed him not starting against Everton at the start of the mo’nth. It happens. Players are ‘ all the time, particul’arly wh’en th’ey are 36 and their club is in numerous different competit’ions. Most sensib’le peo’ple just call it rotation.

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