June 25, 2021 || 7:59 am

Spain vs Slovakia football match highlight (video)…..

Let’s see at first Spain versus Slovakia¬† football match highlight….5-0


The European Championship is like a suicide goal match! Only the group stage game has ended, in the meantime 6 suicide goals have been scored. 5 more than the previous highest suicide goal in a single event.


Earlier, the 2016 edition saw the highest number of 3 suicide goals in a single event in the history of the Euro.

In the previous 40 years in the history of continental competition, the number was only 9, since 1976.

A suicide goal was scored in 1976 matches. There were no suicide goals in the next four seasons. The 1996 and 2000 editions were also one. There were two in 2004 and one in 2012.


This time the event started with a suicide goal! In the opening match against Italy, Turkey defender Demiral sent the ball into their own net. The experience against Slovakia is that of Polish goalkeeper Vyacheslav Stasny.

Germany defender Mats Hummels sent himself into the net to clear the ball against world champions France. That is what creates the gap in the match.


In the same group against Germany, Portugal scored two suicide goals in four minutes! Ruben Dias and Rafael Guerrero sent the ball into their own nets, respectively.

Finland goalkeeper Lucas scored a suicide goal against Belgium, the top team in the FIFA rankings. Which is the sixth in the hall.

Slovakia goalkeeper Martin Dubbrauca scored a suicide goal against Spain on the last day of the group stage. He is the first goalkeeper in Euro history to score a penalty save and a suicide goal in the same match.


Slovakia’s Kuchka sent the ball into their own net after that match.

There have never been two suicide goals in a single match in Euros before this year’s event. This time it was seen in two matches.

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