July 7, 2021 || 12:30 pm

Spain’s hopes were dashed when Italy reached the final

Italy woke up with a goal against the style of play. The intersection fell under Spanish domination. However, it is only for a while. Alvaro Morata returned the team to the transfer. After the extra time, the match ended in a tiebreaker. Where Italy burst into joy, Vaslo was overjoyed to reach the final of the European Championships.

Italy vs Spain penalty shots highlight…


Italy won the first semi-final 4-2 in a tiebreaker on Tuesday night at Wembley Stadium in London. Morata equalized after they went ahead with a goal from Federico Chiesa. Extra time also ends in a 1-1 scoreline.

Unai Simon blocked the first shot of Italy taken by Manuel Lokatelli in the tiebreaker. But Dani Olmo wasted the opportunity by blowing their first shot.


Then no one in Italy failed. Andrea Bellotti, Leonardo Bonucci and Federico Bernardeski sent the ball into the net one by one in the next three shots. Gerard Moreno and Thiago Alcantara took successful shots at number two and three in Spain. But their fourth John Morata shot was blocked by Janluigi Donnaruma. Then the celebration of Italy began when Georgino found the address in the cold head.


From the beginning of the match, we saw the famous football of Spain. The team that held the ball for more than 75 percent of the time in the first 15 minutes also got the chance; However, Mikel Oyersabal could not control the ball in the dangerous place in the D-box.
Little by little, Italy began to recover. Meanwhile, in the 25th minute, the goalkeeper jumped Dani Olmo’s shot from the penalty spot. This is the only time in the first half that Spain has been able to take the Donnaruma test.


Italy could take the first shot just before the break; Emerson’s effort from a difficult angle to replace the injured Leonardo Spinassola was blocked at the crossbar.

Spain could have gone ahead in the 52nd minute after starting the second half with the same force. But Sergio Busquets’ shot went wide of the crossbar. Italy took the first shot on goal in the next minute of the counter-attack, Simon returning the effort to Chiesa.


Contrary to the style of play, Italy scored in the 60th minute of the counter-attack. Marco Verratti’s extended ball was blocked by Amerik Laporte in the face of the D-box, but the ball went to Chiesar’s feet. The Juventus forward quickly made his way into the D-box and found the address with a distant post in a slightly curved shot.
Five minutes later, Oyersabal disappointed Spain again. The Real Sociedad forward couldn’t touch his head even though Coke’s great cross was empty in the face of the six yard box.


After falling behind, Ferran replaced Torres with Morata. Spain returned to parity with the great skill of this striker who has been the victim of the people of the country since the beginning of the tournament. Olmo pushed the ball into the D-box, taking control of the return pass at the first touch and beating the goalkeeper with a perfect shot in the cold head.


In the 98th minute, Olmo took a shot from a long distance without increasing the cross of the free kick. There could have been danger, but Donnaruma was careful. He also brought the final ticket to the team with a faithful hand in tiebreaker.
Spain, who have won just one of their last 90 matches in the previous five matches, have been frustrated by the opportunity. They scored five goals in the middle two matches; But in the previous match against Switzerland, he was able to send the ball into the net with 28 shots only once, which is also suicidal.


Here too the team lost in that failure. They were far ahead of their opponents in possession and attack. The same goes for taking shots on goal; 5 of their 16 shots were on target. While Italy had only seven shots, four of them were on target.


The last game slowed down a bit. Waking up in the second half of the scheduled time, Italy could not do anything to spread fear in the opposing camp in extra time. But what about him, the ticket for the final is in their hands.
Italy lost to Spain in the final 9 years ago. This time they lost to Spain in the final. Will the 33-match unbeaten run team be able to be the best in Europe for the second time? The answer will be found in this field next Sunday; Opponents are England or Denmark.

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