July 30, 2022 || 2:52 pm

Spanish prosecutor requests 2-year jail term for Brazil striker Neymar

MADRID: A Spanish prosecutor r’equested a two-year jail term and a €10 m’illion (US$10.2 million) fine for Brazil’ian striker Neymar in an embezzlement ‘case against him and his agents over his 20’13 transfer to Barcelona soccer club, a cou’rt document released on Friday (Jul 29) sh’owed.

The prosecutor also asked for a f’ive-year jail term for then FC Barcelona’ president Sandro Rosell, who is accused o’f corruption and fraud, and a €8.4 million fi’ne for the Spanish club.


The trial, in which Neymar’s ol’d football club Santos, in Brazil, and the p’layer’s family firm N&N are also charg’ed, is set to begin on Oct 17 in Barcelona, co’mplainant DIS, a Brazilian investment grou’p, said in a statement on Wednesday.

DIS, which owned part of Neyma’r’s transfer rights when he made the move i’n 2013, claims it received less money t’han it was entitled to after the transfer.

The court document released on ‘Friday alleges that Barcelona initiated n’egotiations in 2011 with the player, paying ‘him €40 million to ensure his move whe’n his contract with Santos expired in ‘2014 and thereby preventing other clubs ‘from signing him.

It said prosecutors were asking ‘for a two-year prison sentence “for the off’ence of corruption in business” as well a’s a three year-ban on conducting busine’ss and a €10 million fine.

Neymar has denied the allega’ti’ons but lost an appeal in Spain’s High Court’ in 2017, paving the way for a trial.




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