October 3, 2021 || 8:52 pm

SPORTEPL: He only thinks about goals – Blind blasts Cristiano Ronaldo

Former Nether’lands coach, Danny Blind, has slammed Manc’hester United for’ward, Cristi’ano Ronaldo.


Blind said Ronal’do only thinks about goals and h’opes his Man United teamm’ates will conquer the ball during’ a match.

He said this w’hile laun’ching a scathing ass’essment of Ronaldo’s impact on Ole Gu’nnar Solsk’jaer’s side.

Blind believes Man Uni’ted are not playing in their fam’iliar pattern so far this season bec’ause of Ronaldo desp’ite his goa’ls for the Red Devils.


Ronaldo, 36, retur’ned to Old Traff’ord on tra’nsfer deadl’ine day in the sum’mer win’dow in a £13mil’lion move fr’om Juventus.

“Ronal’do doesn’’t real’ly need to play an active role,” Blin’d told Sportnieuws.

“Like: ‘take yo’ur time’. You also see the other pla’yers looking at you like, ‘how are we going to solve it then?’

“Normally, the stri’ker runs from one cent’ral defe’nder to the other. This cau’sed a lot of miscommun’ication.


“Now, the’y are not pla’ying in the’ir fami’liar patt’ern. When the ball was defle’cted, you sa’w Paul Pogba coac’hing th’at they had to put all the pressu’re on.

“Rona’ldo did not do that; he is not like that. He only thi’nks about goa’ls and ho’pes ot’hers will conq’uer the b’all.”


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