August 8, 2021 || 9:38 pm

Strangely learning to ride a bike

All things have a limit. If the limit is exceeded, the result is bad.

A YouTube video titled “How to Drive Bike 2000” has gone viral.

Let’s enjoy this video…..

Seeing this strange technique of riding a bike, many people react ha ha.A storm of many views and likes and dislikes.


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Currently a video of a boudi has gone viral on Facebook, this video shows a boudi standing behind a red sari, then that boudi slowly starts opening her sari, and finally becomes half-naked.

Currently this video of hers has gone viral on social media, there is a storm going on with this video on social media or youtube or facebooks, for the sake of privacy we could not put that video on our website ..


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After listening to ‘Kartik Bhaiya Bhabi Aa Gaya’, Sara Ali Khan is rushing towards the fans – a video like this has gone viral on social media.


It is learned that Kartik Aryan had recently played football with a group of boys during the shooting. Suddenly Sara Ali Khan appeared there.


And when she saw Sarah, she cried out in a loud voice. And when she heard that, she became angry and ran towards the devotee.


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