June 25, 2021 || 2:56 pm

Suicide goal record in the first round of the Euro Cup

At first watch Suicide goal record in the first round of the Euro Cup…


The knockout of the current Euro Cup i.e. the last 16 match is starting from Saturday. However, this time Euro has set a record of suicide goals in the first round. Whether or not there have been 5 more suicide goals in any previous event this time, only in the first round.


The 24 teams participating in the six-group tournament played 36 matches. A total of 94 goals have been scored in these 36 matches. Of which 9 were suicide goals. This is the record for most suicide goals in any Euro Cup.

Earlier, the highest 3 suicide goals were seen in Euro 2016. These three suicide goals were scored in three matches of the service. And this time there have been 9 suicide goals in seven matches. In other words, there have been two suicides in two matches.


The two teams that scored two suicide goals in one match are the current champions Portugal and Slovakia. Slovakia scored a pair of suicide goals in a 2-4 defeat to Germany and a 0-5 defeat to Portugal and Spain.


There have been a total of 9 suicide goals in the last 10 editions of the Euro Cup. Czechoslovakia’s Anton Andras scored his first suicide goal against the Netherlands in 1976. Suicide goals were not seen in the next four seasons. Then in 1996 and 2000 there were one suicide goal each.

For the first time in 2004, two suicide goals were scored in one match. However, the break came in 2008, no suicide goal. England’s Glen Johnson scored the only suicide goal in the 2012 edition. And in the last session there were three suicide goals.


Breaking that record, 8 suicide goals were scored in the first match. The first goal of the event was basically suicidal. Turkey’s Marih Demiral put the ball in their own net against Italy. That may have been the message that this year’s event is going to be a suicide goal event.


Germany then lost to Poland and France against Slovakia due to suicide goals. Then came Portugal’s double suicide goal match. Germany, who lost to France by a suicide goal, now got two suicide goals against Portugal.

The last Slovakia-Spain match had two suicide goals. Earlier, the Belgian-Finland match was the seventh suicide goal of the event.

Time will tell where this number of suicidal goals will end. There are still 15 matches left in the tournament. The teams will try not to score any more suicide goals in these matches.

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