June 18, 2021 || 10:11 pm

Sweden defeated Slovakia,see football match summary.

Winning would have ensured the game in the last sixteen. But Slovakia has completely failed to match itself in such a match. He could not put a single shot against Sweden. On the contrary, the Swedes have brightened their hopes of a knockout stage by losing them.

Let’s watch Sweden versus Slovakia football match highlight…


Sweden beat Group E 1-0 in St. Petersburg, Russia on Friday. Emil Forsberg created the gap with a successful spot kick.

The Swedes won the first match of the two teams in a big tournament. Slovakia, who lost to Poland in their first match of the tournament, got a bitter taste of defeat after six matches.


Neither team was able to create any significant opportunity in the first half of the match. Sweden increased the attack in the second half. In the 59th minute of the match, the Slovakian goalkeeper kept the net intact with great speed. Swedish defender Ludwig Augustinson’s head jumped to the left and Martin Dubbrauca resisted with one hand.


In the 77th minute of the match, the goalkeeper could not overcome. He did not reach the ball even after jumping from the penalty to the line of strong shot of Forsberg’s right foot. Sweden were penalized for a foul on Swedish forward Robin Koisen in the D-Box.
Sweden saw the net after 365 minutes in the European competition. Earlier, they scored the most goals in the 2016 edition, in the first match of the group stage.

They left the field with a win keeping the gap in the rest of the time.


Sweden are top of the group with 4 points in two wins and one draw. Slovakia with 3 points in the match. Spain 1 point from one match, Poland 0.

Sweden will play their last match in the group stage next Wednesday against Poland; On the same day, Slovakia’s opponent is Spain.

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