February 12, 2021 || 10:09 am

Take a look at Messi’s income and tax Calculations.

The Spanish daily El Mundo leaked Messi’s earnings figures to Barcelona for four years in early February.

According to El Mundo, Bursa have promised to pay Messi more thanĀ  550 million by June 30, 2021, under a four-year deal.

Despite the strong condemnation of such reports, the Bursa authorities did not accept the challenge.

Two weeks after the report, another Spanish daily, Sport, gave more information.

The daily says that if Messi leaves Bursa for PSG or Man City, the Spanish government will be on the way!


Because Messi is the highest taxpayer in Spain. Retail golden egg laying ducks in Argentina for Spain.

According to a report in the sport, Messi has paid 360 million euros in taxes to the Spanish government in four years against the 2017 agreement.

Of this, 265 million euros has been paid as tax only against salary-bonus.


In addition to what Messi earns from the sponsorship deal, a large sum of money is deposited in the Spanish treasury.


Earlier, El Mundo had said that Messi had earned a total of around 55 crore 52 lakh 37 thousand 619 Euros in his four-year contract.

As such, Messi has earned 136 million euros from Barcelona every season since 2017.


Messi received 15.2 million euros as a signing bonus during his new four-year contract in 2017

Playing at the same club for a long time added another7 8 million euro bonus to his account.


Apart from this, the annual salary is 115 million Euros.

All in all, Messi’s annual income from the club alone is more than 138 million euros.


Lionel Messi, the Argentine retailer, joined Barcelona in 2000 when he was just 13 years old.

He came on the field in 2004 wearing a Bursa jersey.

The Argentine star has scored a record 650 goals in 755 competitive matches for the team, as well as 280 goals with his teammates.

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