November 9, 2021 || 3:53 pm

The Cristiano Ronaldo Man City myth was exposed by Manchester United’s brutal derby beating

Manchester City w’ere said to have missed a golden opport’unity when they dd not land the Ma’nchester United man in the summer.


One of the narratives lead’ing into Saturday’s Manchester derby was whether ‘Mancity  had missed a trick in not landing Cristiano Ronaldo in the summer … and whether they might pay for that out on the pitch.


After 90 minutes in whi’ch they outclassed, out-pass’ed and out-worked Manches’ter United, and Ronaldo was reduc’ed to being a bit-part player, the de’bate is dead.


In the end, the only impr’ession he made on the derby w’as the stud marks on Kevin De Bruyne‘s leg in an outrageous late lun’ge that earned him a yell’ow card that could easily have been red.

The extent of City’s inte’rest on Ronaldo is a matt’er of conjecture, with some claim’ing they had got as far as makin”g an agreement, and City sources refut’ing that, and saying he was never an’ything more than an inter’esting possibility, if the pr’ice was cheap enough.



City fans who despi’se the Portugal star from his 1st sp’ell at Old Trafford were delighted that City did not get him, but so’me took the stance that he wou’ld have been the goalscoring ”striker the Blues need to put a fi”nal touch to their excellent squad.


There were some w’ho were of the opinion that City ne”eded a striker – any striker – in the su’mmer, and that Ronaldo woul”d have been a better option, with n’ames like Dusan Vlahovic and D’anny Ings being kicked arou’nd.





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