June 29, 2021 || 5:03 pm

The threat of death for not getting a goal, that Moratai is the hero of Spain’s victory

Let’s see penalty miss of Alvaro Morata..


In the last few days, nothing has happened in the life of Spanish star forward Alvaro Morata. At first he could not score even while standing in front of an empty post, then he missed a goal from the penalty spot – which resulted in death threats to his family.

The 28-year-old forward turned around and ignited an important match. He scored a crucial goal for the team in the dramatic second round match of 8 goals against Croatia. Thanks to which Spain got the ticket to the quarter finals.


Spain drew 0-0 with Poland in the second match of the group stage. Gerard Moreno failed to score from the penalty spot in that match. Morata got the return ball standing in the gap. But he killed it outside. Morata himself later missed a penalty in the last match against Slovakia.


Morata received death threats from supporters after the match against Poland in Sevilla. Even his wife and children on the streets had to face the wrath of the supporters. Not only that, many have wished for the death of his children for missing the goal.

Although he took responsibility for his failure on the field, Morata was emotionally broken by the threats against his family. He said he kept his mobile phone away. Morata could not sleep properly as she repeatedly appeared like a nightmare.


Turning from there, he brought a great victory to the team in the match against Croatia. The match was a 3-3 draw in the allotted 90 minutes. As a result, the game ended in an additional thirty minutes. Where Morata put Spain ahead in ten minutes. Spain won the match 5-3 with the goal of Mikel Warzabal.

At the end of the game, Morata dedicated his goal for the family. “Everything we’ve seen in the last few weeks, nothing has been very good for me,” he said of all the events that have taken place in the last few days.But most of Spain was by my side. ‘


Morata added, ‘My goal is for my wife, my children, my family and all those who have supported me. Sometimes you have to go through difficult times. So you can have a good time. ‘


Spain coach Luis Enrique is also happy with the performance of the team forward. “I don’t think there is a coach in the world who would not praise a player like Moratara,” Enrique told Morata at a post-match press conference. He will give you continuity. Seeing his defending, it seems that he is a center back, again scoring goals with equal rhythm. It’s good for us to have Morata in the team. ‘.



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