June 26, 2021 || 10:39 am

There will be no beer at the press conference of Muslim footballers. (Viral video)

Paul Pogba of France removed the beer bottle.

Let’s see Cristiano Ronaldo remove Coca-Cola  and take water bottle…..


Cristiano Ronaldo removed the sponsored Coca-Cola bottle from the press conference table at this year’s Euro. The health-conscious Portuguese star told everyone to drink water instead of Coca-Cola.


The same thing happened at another Euro press conference a day later. This time at the press conference after the Germany-France match, the French star Paul Pogba removed the beer bottle of the sponsoring company Heineken from the table. Muslim Pogba removed the beer bottle for religious reasons.


UEFA organizer sat motionless in those two incidents. The European Football Association has also threatened to punish anyone who does so. But this time UEFA moved away from that threat. On Friday, UEFA said that beer bottles would not be placed on the table for the Euro 2020 press conference if Muslim players requested it.


“We will ask Muslim players if they have any objections (to the beer bottle),” a UEFA spokesman told AFP.

The spokesman added that sponsor Heineken had not objected to UEFA’s new decision.


Ronaldo’s Coca-Cola scandal caused huge financial losses to the Coca-Cola Company. This has a negative impact on the stock market. In just half an hour, Coca-Cola lost Rs 33,915 crore in the stock market. Heineken’s financial loss in the Pogbar incident is not yet known.



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