June 30, 2021 || 1:03 pm

Today is the last day of Barcelona’s contract with Messi.

That day is gone.

Today is June 30. Today is the last day of Messi’s contract with Barcelona. If Messi does not renew his contract with Barcelona by today, the Argentine star will be ‘free’ from tomorrow. Then any club can sit down with Messi if they want, they can continue to openly try to get him in the team.


For the first time in 17 years, Messi’s contract with Barcelona is coming to an end. Earlier, Messi’s contract was renewed before it was completed.


However, since Messi is now playing in the Copa America for Argentina, it is fairly certain that Messi will not be signing a new contract with Barcelona today. As such, Messi is actually going to be ‘free’ from tomorrow. Although Barcelona is hopeful that Messi will not sign the contract now, even after becoming a free agent, Messi will still sign the contract for Barcelona. The son of the house will stay at home.


For now, Barcelona has offered a two-year deal in line with Messi’s financial demands. Where mentioned, Messi can join any MLS club like Inter Miami after these two years if he wants. After finishing the game there, you will be able to return to Pran’s Barcelona, ​​in any other role.


But whether Messi will stay at Barca depends on the club’s ambitions. Whether the club wants to do well at all, whether it wants to be strong with good players. If Messi is satisfied with that, then he will sign a new contract with Barcelona.

The club understands that too. Sergio Aguero, Memphis Depay, Eric Garcia and Emerson Royal have been brought into the team. It is understood that President Juan Laporta is trying his best to retain Messi.


What happens next is the next thing, but it is certain that Bar্সa’s contract with Messi is over today. And it is useless to think that Messi will sign the contract by skipping the Copa America game by today.

However, if Messi has already signed a contract with Bar রেখেa in strict secrecy, and if Barcelona announces that today; But different things.

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