March 22, 2021 || 6:36 am

Messi’s Top_10_Fantastic_Free_Kick.( Video)


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Luckily for Barcelona, ​​they have one Lionel Messi. Where everything stops, his magic will start.


Show the team the path of light by doing something unimaginable. This Argentine forward means the savior of Barca.


The latest Barca savior is in the second leg of the last 16 of the Copa del Rey against Athletic Bilbao.


Barcelona lost 2-1 in the first leg from Bilbao.


It was expected that Messi’s team would turn up at the Nou Camp.


Barca went ahead 2-0 in 48 minutes. But after paying a goal, Bilbao left Luis Enrique’s team in the spotlight.


From a distance of 20 yards, Messi relieved the anxiety with a wonderful free-kick of the magical left foot. Barca became the last eight after winning 3-1.


Messi scored the fifth goal from a free-kick in the last seven matches. The Argentine captain has scored three goals for Barca in the new year. All three are free-kicks.



Ronald Koeman holds the record for most goals from a free-kick for Barca.


The current Everton coach congratulated Messi on Twitter after touching him.


Messi has been in form since the beginning of this season. However, the other two members of the MSN trio, Luis Suarez and Neymar, have been dull for a long time.


Coach Enrique smiled and hinted at getting back to them.


Messi has been heard for so long. Now I will talk about Ronaldo


Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best footballers in the world. How is his daily life? Football fans must want to know.


How does it feel to play with Ronaldo? Ronaldo’s teammates in the Portugal team said that.



There is no end to the general public’s interest in stars. Why not be the star of that world.


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Let’s see at his ten free-kicks:

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